Winkel 43
Just like it's suppoesed to be.
Welcome, we are Winkel, but slightly different
Sorry, for the moment we are closed inside
Keep your distance, so we keep our cool
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Cafe Winkel43 is OPEN for take - away.

In these strange times it good that some things in life stay the same.

A cup op coffee, a mug of hot warming tea and fresh apple pie from Winkel.

As long as we are alowed:

we are open from 10:00u till 18:00u

see you soon.


The Noordermarkt, in the heart of the Jewish quarter the 'Jordaan', is known for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Right on the corner – where the Westerstraat runs into the the Noordermarkt - Winkel43 has been established in an attractive house, which was built in traditional Amsterdam. fashion. Because of its privileged location you will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch on our terrace on sunny days all year round. The restaurant opens early in the morning till ten in the evening, but the bar won’t close until well after midnight.

In the area our homemade apple pie became a general well known delicacy. Therefore tasting a slice is considered a must. At midday we offer a variety of delicious dishes on our lunch menu, which we change every month. In the evening we serve drinks and diner from a menu that varies daily. Although our meals are straightforward, they are very tasty and at a fair price.

Every Monday you can wander around the ‘Lapjesmarkt’ right along the Westerstraat and all around the Noordermarkt. It used to be a market especially for fabrics, but nowadays old furniture and trendy secondhand clothing have become popular merchandise as well.

Early Saturday morning the ‘Boerenmarkt’ occupies the Noordermarkt. This is the market where farmers used to sell their crops in the old days, but it has now become well known throughout the country for its wide range of organic products. On both market days Winkel43 opens at seven and a tasty slice of fresh apple pie is waiting for you. Don’t forget the fresh whipped cream.